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Let Robin Shea awaken the health and happiness that is already within you by attending an in person 80/20 Lifestyle Workshop.

The Robin Shea workshops will share with you how to condition your mind for change, balance your fitness and nutrition, let go of old habits and replace them with new empowering habits, and finally how to STOP the diet roller coaster by learning to nourish your body and soul for long-term health and happiness through the 80/20 Lifestyle.

In PART ONE of The INSPIRED CHANGE Revolution Workshop, Robin breaks down each part of the formula in great detail and walks you through each of the thought cycles found on the H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S. Ladder. She also shares with you techniques to move from a low-energy emotion into a high-energy emotion in order to line up with INSPIRED CHANGE. Robin helps you embrace contrast as your greatest teacher, so regardless the circumstance you are finding JOY in your JOURNEY. And finally, Robin shares her 4-step process of reinvention and how you can use it in any area of your life from weight loss, to finances, to relationships and beyond. LATHER. RINSE. REPEAT.

Followed by PART TWO of the workshop, which naturally evolves into an open forum of discovery. This is the “Science of INSPIRATION” and this open discussion forum encourages and facilitates growth opportunity. As you reach to understand your own problem, solution, problem, solution matrix using the Laws of Inspiration many of the answers you are seeking will be revealed to you and will benefit the gathering as a whole.

“INSPIRED CHANGE is what I have used to transform my own life SPIRITUALLY/ PHYSICALLY/ FINANCIALLY/EMOTIONALLY and help thousands of people around the world.” ~Robin

The INSPIRED CHANGE Workshops are offered in multiple cities each year as well as cruise opportunities.

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