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Robin Shea is an inspirational speaker and workshop leader, celebrity chef, and author. Best known for her television cooking programs, her partnership with Paula Deen, and her role as a leading Lifestyle Transformation Specialist. Schedule Robin for Custom Workshops, Church & Corporate Retreats, Corporate Health and Wellness Programs, as an addition to a Fitness Program, Wellbeing Retreat, and Private Presentations. 

This past year, I had the privilege of spending a few days in the Shea home working with Robin on her new curriculum. As we had only known each other on a professional level, the time I spent in Robin’s home allowed me to get to know her on a personal level and observe the “real Robin Shea” firsthand via the relationships she has created in her own life.

I can confidently say, Robin is the real deal. Robin’s curriculum is an exact replica of the life she has built for herself and her family. Every word she speaks and every word she’s written is the direct result of her actions and is displayed just as prominently through the words and actions of her children and her husband, Greg.

I walked in the door a professional, I was there to work, yet I found joy and pleasure learning from a master in her domain. For the few days I spent at the kitchen table, in the heart of the Shea home, I became a member of the Shea family.

If you have the pleasure of meeting Robin Shea personally, prepare to be captivated by her positive energy, love for life and unwavering charisma.

Popular Speaking Topics Include:

•INSPIRED CHANGE Revolution™: Change Any Aspect Of Your Life That Is Important To You

•H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S.™:The Art of Reclaiming Your Life

•Change the Channel™: A Simple System Plus a Mathematical Formula to Help You Tap Into True INSPIRATION

•Look UP: Techniques to Break Destructive Thought Patterns

•The 80/20 Lifestyle: STOP The Diet Roller Coaster by Learning to Nourish Your Body and Soul For Long-Term Health And Happiness

•Trifecta Fitness™: The Transformative Power of the BIG Three

Clients Include:

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