“Power of Three” Changes

We make over 200 food related decisions every day.  Long-term, sustainable and, most importantly, happily achievable healthy lifestyle reinvention is the result of overlapping these small, seemingly insignificant, lifestyle choices on a daily basis. These “Power of THREE” changes will be subtle and barely detectable but will result in BIG LIFESTYLE CHANGES☺. You will have an opportunity to develop both food and non-food related changes.

Dr. Brian Wansink,  is an American professor in the fields of consumer behavior and nutritional science, he is also the author of Mindless Eating.  I have incorporated many of his suggestions into my 80/20 philosophy and find great value in his pragmatic approach to lifestyle reinvention.  Learn more about his work at http://mindlesseating.org  

Start using “Power of Three” in your own life by incorporating (3) of these daily suggestions to help you move from mindless OVEREATING to mindless BETTER EATING:

  1. Replace your 12” plate with a 10” plate – Serve yourself on smaller plates and taller glasses and use smaller utensils.
  2. Out of Sight Out of Mind – Hide snacks away, or purge your home of unhealthy snacks.
  3. Make a trade – Swap your bagel for an English muffin, glass of whole milk for a glass of skim milk.  Be creative and find a trade-off. See my 250/250 page for more of these!
  4. Split Your Lunch – Split lunch with a friend 
  5. Half the Oder – When eating out request a to-go box immediately and put half away.
  6. Constantly Eat – Never allow yourself to get too hungry.  Constantly nosh on healthy snacks 
  7. Pack Ahead – Portion out and pack snacks to take along with you (nuts un-shelled, fruit, healthy bars etc…)
  8. ½ for ½ – If you are a soda drinker, cut your intake in half and replace the second half with water (If you typically drink 3 a day, only allow yourself 1 ½ cans of soda and replace the rest with water).
  9. Plan PAUSE points – If you want an indulgent snack, wait 10 minutes and revisit the impulse.  If you still want the treat cut your portion in half.
  10. Pace yourself – If you are a fast eater find a pace-setter at your table; aim to eat equal to or slower than the slowest eater at the table.
  11. Late Night Snacking – If you cave-in to late night snacking try taking a bath or shower, making a cup of tea, going for a walk or using the 10 minute pause rule to break the habit.
  12. Half Plate Healthy Plate – Fill your plate  ½ with vegetables/fruit, ¼ protein, ¼ grains 
  13. Think 20% MORE or 20% LESS – Think 20% LESS when you dish out your food or think 20% MORE for fruits and vegetables.
  14. Repackage Jumbo Boxes – The bigger the package you pour from, the more you will eat:  20 to 30% more.  Repackage your jumbo box into smaller Ziploc bags or Tupperware containers, and serve it up in smaller dishes.
  15. Keep it in the Kitchen – Leave serving dishes in the kitchen and do not bring them to the table.  This distance allows time for you to pause which is a very effective deterrent. 
  16. Don’t deprive yourself – Deprivation will ultimately lead to a Feast or Famine mentality and we are only human.  We must alter our habits without feeling deprived in order for the behavior to stick.  Just stick to smaller portions.
  17. Walk a mile – Going for a 1 mile walk (15 minute brisk paced) will burn 100 calories.
  18. Sweet & Salty – create your own snack by mixing sweet & salty snacks together.  This is more satisfying to your taste buds, just remember to portion out an appropriate serving size.
  19. Journal – keep track of the foods you consumed.
  20. Restaurant Rules – (A typical Restaurant meal can clock in at 1200 calories) 
    • Enjoy two of these, but not all 3: an appetizer, a drink or a dessert.  Share a dessert with a friend or ask for a take home box for the other half.  
    • Ask the waiter not to brink the bread or chip basket to your table.
    • Start your meal off with sparkling water over a cocktail and save your cocktail to enjoy with the main course.
    • Alternate sparkling water with wine or add sparkling water to your wine for a wine spritzer.
    • If you must have bread chose the crunchy hard breads over soft doughy breads.
    • If you LOVE pasta, order it with protein.  Remove ½ the pasta (place in the to-go that you have already asked your waiter to provide).
    • If you want to enjoy dessert do not eat the bottom of the pie crust.
  21. Buffet Survival
    • Have a small healthy meal one or two hours before your party begins.
    • Wear snug clothes (you’ll be less likely to over-eat).
    • Be Snobby… If you don’t LOVE the food, don’t eat it.
    • Direct your socializing away from the buffet table.
    • Check out the buffet before loading up your plate, wait 30 minutes and then revisit the buffet.
    • Skip the sauce laden dishes.
    • Chose the smallest plate available.
    • Fill half your plate with fresh, whole foods (vegetables, fruit, nuts).
  22. In addition to watching my food I can…  
    1. Take the stairs (give up the elevator).
    2. If you have an hour for lunch, go for a 15 minute walk (100 calories = 1 mile).
    3. If watching TV do 10 pushups during commercial breaks.
    4. Walk to your mailbox instead of driving.
    5. Find 15 minutes and go for a power-walk (early morning, afternoon, after dinner, while dinner is cooking, at the mall)
    6. Park farther away from the department store (if the parking lot is safely lit).
    7. Before you begin shopping take two power-walking laps at the mall.
    8. If you have a Holiday Candy Jar on your desk… Get rid of it.  
    9. Chose an active house-chore (vacuuming, sweeping, moping, dusting, ironing).  All of these activities are effective calorie burns when done with vigor and intention plus the house stays neat and tidy.
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