This GIRLz on FIRE: Getting Your GRILL Ready for Spring

It has been a long, cold, wet, harsh, nasty winter and grills everywhere have been in hibernation. I am a hardcore griller girl, getting my grill ready for the first steak of the season is a ritual.

Here are my top five tips to help you get your grill ready for the grilling season.

You’ll Need: work gloves, dish soap, foil, paper towels, a grill brush, a bucket, stainless-steel wipes, putty knife and a whiskbroom. Make sure all gas is turned off or disconnected completely during the cleaning process.

  1. Remove the searing grids. Wearing work gloves remove the grids and soak in warm soapy water before giving them a good cleaning to get rid of the grease and food crust that has been burnt on.
  2. Use foil to cover heating element. Loosely cover the heating elements with a big piece of foil to protect them. With the grill brush, scrub the underside of the hood, and inside walls. Also, clean out the grease cup and scrape the grease tray with the putty knife. The foil will catch the ash and debris.
  3. Remove the drip pan. Turn it upside down over a trashcan to empty it. Drop the pan into the bucket to soak along side the searing grids.
  4. Clean the igniter and burners. While your searing grids and drip pan are soaking, remove the heat shields (give them a good scrape with the putty knife as well). Great opportunity to check your igniter and rear burner to make sure everything is in working order
  5. Reassemble. Toss the foil and grab a few stainless-steel wipes and clean the grill’s exterior (For porcelain-coated, cast-iron, or ceramic grills use a cotton cloth with soapy water). Replace the metal plates, the grates, and the drip pan (no need to dry them) and reconnect the propane tank.

Ta-da Good as New! Now you can go to the store and purchase everything needed for today’s Paula’s Perfect Plate!

For more information on how to build your own Perfect Plate click here.


Until Next Time… LIVE INSPIRED!!!
Robin xoxo

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