Enjoying Life’s 20% Indulgence!!!

Yes, as 80/20 LIfestyle eaters, 80% of the time we make choices that contribute to our health and physical wellbeing, by choosing foods of higher quality.
BUT, the beauty of this is that 20% of the time we make choices that contribute to our soul and mental wellbeing, by choosing foods that speak to our heart.
How do YOU decide on your 20% Indulgence? As for me, when I choose what  I want to indulge in for my 20% I think through a few important points – Here are some suggestions to think through:
• What day will it be?
• What meal will it be?
• Will it be a dessert or a main dish?
• Will it be a small main dish and a small dessert?
• Where will you enjoy it?
Now, start to plan for it! Use your vision exercises to think about how wonderful it is going to be and really anticipate it. When it arrives, truly SAVOR it! And once it’s done, start planning your next 20%!
Now, start planning YOUR 20%!
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