Bikini Weather is HERE, Are You Ready?

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Every couple of weeks I create a full days balanced 80/20 menu from recipes out of my friend Paula Deen's latest cookbook, Paula Deen Cuts the Fat and from my recipe database.  This particular menu is a little different because I explore the use of managing your macro-nutrients for quick water weight loss.  If you want to learn more check out my latest Paula's Perfect Plate!   Hope you enjoy this menu!   Let me know! Much Love,  Robin xoxo

The “5 Ingredient Rule” for The 80/20 Lifestyle

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Let’s discuss the “5 Ingredient Rule” for The 80/20 Lifestyle.  A word we used in my home growing up was P.I.T.A. (Pain in the A$$) and that word perfectly describes how I feel about food labels, more specifically ingredients.  They are confusing and manipulating, require a degree, they morph and twist depending on cultural awareness and they drive a further separation between big food companies and public confidence.    So, I gave them up all together.   First Generation Food is my best definition of Clean Eating. How does First Generation Food translate to a food-packaging label? Let’s start with a [...]

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“Power of Three” Changes

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We make over 200 food related decisions every day.  Long-term, sustainable and, most importantly, happily achievable healthy lifestyle reinvention is the result of overlapping these small, seemingly insignificant, lifestyle choices on a daily basis. These “Power of THREE” changes will be subtle and barely detectable but will result in BIG LIFESTYLE CHANGES☺. You will have an opportunity to develop both food and non-food related changes. Dr. Brian Wansink,  is an American professor in the fields of consumer behavior and nutritional science, he is also the author of Mindless Eating.  I have incorporated many of his suggestions into my 80/20 philosophy [...]

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Robin Shea Supports Family & Consumer Sciences Day!

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I am proud to be a supporter of the "Dine In For Healthy Families" Day! Last year, more than 100,000 people committed to preparing and eating a healthy meal together on December 3. This year, they want to double their results and reach 200,000 commitments! You'll be able to track our progress by checking back to see the thermometer and following us on social media. Visit their site to sign-up today! About the Event After the overwhelming success of the first Family & Consumer Sciences Day last year, the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) is pleased to announce that Family & Consumer Sciences Day, “Dining In” [...]

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Re-Wire Your Appetite

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First off, you must realize you are completely rewiring your nutritional reward system and the mind exercises are very important to your success. There is NO destination at which any of us will arrive and claim victory; we are on a journey, and embracing and loving that journey is where we find victory. Please judge your success at the end of each day by reflecting on your good choices.Learning to eat clean is an arduous task requiring patience, and an education; clean-eating is the best and most definable nutritional litmus test available. Make it a daily goal to eat as [...]

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