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Robin Shea Releases Pareto Stone Cookware

Press Release “80% Healthy, 20% Indulgent, and 100% Delicious!”, is Robin Shea’s mantra. Now, thanks to Robin's Pareto Stone, you can add healthy, convenient cookware to your kitchen. The Pareto Stone collection features three ceramic cooking vessels with a nonporous, all-natural glaze. This allows the cookware to move straight from the refrigerator to the microwave for easy meal planning -- which is the key to making healthy dinners on a busy schedule. Also, the clean-up is a snap! You can wash by hand or place the cookware in the dishwasher. Having reliable stoneware is a must for any kitchen. These [...]

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Bikini Weather is HERE, Are You Ready?

Every couple of weeks I create a full days balanced 80/20 menu from recipes out of my friend Paula Deen's latest cookbook, Paula Deen Cuts the Fat and from my recipe database.  This particular menu is a little different because I explore the use of managing your macro-nutrients for quick water weight loss.  If you want to learn more check out my latest Paula's Perfect Plate!   Hope you enjoy this menu!   Let me know! Much Love,  Robin xoxo

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GET REAL with Robin

It baffles me how many people chew the flavor out of their excuses. It’s like visiting a buffet and passing on all the delicious foods you could eat and choosing instead to pick the one thing on the buffet that makes you sick. You hate everything about it, the texture, the smell, the flavor, yet you are oddly comfortable eating it, so you continually go back for more. Because I am who I am and my reputation as Robin Shea, The 80/20, Happy-Healthy Life Coach is what I am most often identified with, 99% of the [...]

This GIRLz on FIRE: Getting Your GRILL Ready for Spring

It has been a long, cold, wet, harsh, nasty winter and grills everywhere have been in hibernation. I am a hardcore griller girl, getting my grill ready for the first steak of the season is a ritual. Here are my top five tips to help you get your grill ready for the grilling season. You’ll Need: work gloves, dish soap, foil, paper towels, a grill brush, a bucket, stainless-steel wipes, putty knife and a whiskbroom. Make sure all gas is turned off or disconnected completely during the cleaning process. Remove the searing grids. Wearing work gloves remove the grids and [...]

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You’ve Been DIETING all Wrong

Get and STAY in the Diet Zone by using these 3 Types of Mental Rehearsal Everyone has different motivators that ignite their NOW’S THE TIME TO GET FIT AND HEALTHY fire; but have you ever really stopped to think about harnessing the power of different types of motivation? That’s right, there are different types of motivators and I’m going to show you how to harness the power of each type. The single most important component in a successful lifestyle change can be found in the mind. Success is 90% mental and understanding how to engage your motivators and disengage your de-motivators [...]

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Are you a “Diet Desperado?”

Essentially, this simply means: Dieters that are fed up with diet confusion and are ready to forge their own path.  I know that technically a “Desperado” is a criminal, or a rebellious person seeking his or her own degree of justice.  I am okay with that because our nutritional landscape has been hijacked.  Processed foods have hijacked our brains and our taste-buds, fast food advertising has hijacked our emotions, labeling confusion has hijacked our trust, and the barrage of diets that promote the omission of entire food groups is at epidemic levels and has hijacked our good sense.  Society simply [...]

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