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What is the 250/250 rule?

My 250/250 rule is designed to minimize overload in either exercise or caloric restriction. Being extreme in one area or the other is a sure fire way to sabotage success. Extreme exercise or extreme dieting can be detrimental to both your physical health as well as your psychological health.

By sharing the responsibility of Calories Burned (250) through exercise and Calories Saved (250) through modifying lifestyle choices we are adding an element of sustainability and creating an environment conducive to Lifestyle Reinvention. A 500 daily calorie deficit results in 1 lb. of weight loss a week.

Below, you will find a sampling of simple changes you could make in a week to lose 1 pound without a huge effort! More tips can be found on Robin’s Facebook and Pinterest pages!

Calories Burned Calories Saved Total Calories
Running Up Stairs (25 min)   240 Swap mixed nuts for air popped popcorn 300+ 540+
Walk/Jog Combination (60 min) 295 Swap Soda for Club Soda 300 595
Chopping/Splitting Wood (30 min) 227 Swap large cupcake for Cutie Cupcake 500+ 727
Push mowing lawn (30 min) 205 Swap full fat ice cream for low calorie  200+ 405
Dance, Dance, Dance (30 min) 200 Swap thick crust pizza for thin crust 500+ 700
Biking, moderate (40 min) 300 Trade chips for veggies and choose whole fruit rather than juice 215 515
Sweeping/mopping floors (30 min) 130 Use a salad plate rather than a dinner plate 176 306
  Total Weekly Calories for a 1lb+ Weight loss: 3788!