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After successfully reclaiming her family’s nutrition in 2002 through the creation of the 80/20 Lifestyle, Robin Shea decided to bring her lifestyle secret to struggling families everywhere.

She did this through her television programs, Cooking 80/20 with Robin Shea and Southern Fried Fitness. She also launched workshops and speaking tours focusing on mothers-of-preschooler groups, yoga retreat gatherings, women of faith ministries, and the fitness community.  

What is the 80/20 Lifestyle? Robin shares with us how to make “Clean” healthy lifestyle choices 80% of the time while always saving 20% for your favorite guilt free indulgence.

Join Robin as she shares her passion for happy, healthy living through her creative 80/20 Lifestyle solutions. Each episode of Robin’s popular television program, Cooking 80/20 with Robin Shea, is a positive, inspirational journey filled with stories, tips, tools and techniques that invite the audience to “Clean Up” their own classic recipes so they fall into the 80% Healthy side of life. Robin wraps every episode with a 20% Indulgent recipe reinforcing her core message of, “If you LIVE in your 80% Healthy side of life, you can always CELEBRATE in your 20%!”

80/20 Lifestyle + You = Your Forever Lifestyle

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Robin Shea Releases Pareto Stone Cookware

September 7th, 2016|Comments Off on Robin Shea Releases Pareto Stone Cookware

Press Release “80% Healthy, 20% Indulgent, and 100% Delicious!”, is Robin Shea’s mantra. Now, thanks [...]


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